Interesting Treasure

My friend, Kelly and I spent the morning wandering (you can translate that to wiping out if you so choose) yard sales. She showed great restraint and bought only ONE thing. Since I’m not entirely sure what the definition of restraint is, I overloaded my car with goodies. Some will show up later after they have been transformed.  😊  But I wanted to share the most interesting find of the day.  And challenge you to identify it. I can’t offer you a prize for the first correct answer, but you will get the “Junking High Five” of the day.  Ready…Go!


A Little DIYer

One of my favorite parts of junking and repurposing is introducing other people to the hobby. Especially some of my favorite little people.

When I spotted an unfinished birdfeeder at Goodwill a few weeks ago, I knew it would be a perfect project for my granddaughter. She loved painting it and I loved watching her. The base coat had to be “Elsa blue” (if you’re not familiar with that color, watch a few minutes of Frozen to get the gist). Then she surprised me by covering a lot of it up with her very own designs.


And since we live in Florida, we had to take a creative break to spend a few minutes enjoying some of the local wildlife.

Yep. I love everything about junking.


It’s Yard Sale Season!

It is now, officially, full-on yard sale season in Florida! To many of you that may mean absolutely nothing. But, if I’m being honest, I’ve got to say that this time of year my heart rate kicks into high gear every Saturday morning. The thrill of the hunt. The endless possibility of finding treasure, large or small, financial or sentimental.

This morning I spent three hours meeting great people, enjoying interesting conversations and scoring a few good finds at FABULOUS prices.


I spent $5.00 on the vintage lantern but couldn’t find a current value on it. It’s still perfect on a high shelf in my guest room. $2.50 for the Homco elf set was a great deal since they currently sell for between $25 and $30.  But the find of the day had to be the mint condition Coach handbag.  If you know Coach, you know $5.00 for a might-as-well-be-new purse is a serious steal.  Yes. $5.00 is not a typo. Actual asking price. No haggling involved.

Anytime you’re in Florida, you’re more than welcome to join me for a day of pure junk!  😊

Christmas Keeps On Giving

Yes, I really have put away my Christmas tree and all my decorations. But I can’t seem to stop scoping out that particular aisle at Goodwill. And apparently January is a great month for massive Christmas donations. Which means that I had to pull a couple of boxes back down to store all my new finds.

And by new finds, I mean this…


The best of the bunch are the Jim Shore American Santa and the David Frykman dancing Santa and Polar Bear. His wood carvings are remarkable and I’m becoming a big fan of his work.

Then there’s this.


Vintage Goebel snowman candlesticks. Eight of them for $13.00. About half have minor chips. That means the other half is pristine. Which makes my day. Did I mention that everything was 35% off? Just keeps getting better.  😊

Online Junking

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but since you already know about my junking habit, I will. I just hit paydirt on my last extravaganza before Christmas. And I did it without dealing with seasonal traffic and crowds. I did it in my jammies, propped up in my own comfy bed, on my own computer. I’ve discovered the wonder of online junking!  😊


Chico’s jewelry! Everything you see in the pic for 56.00!  Tax, shipping and handling have to be added on, but still… If you shop Chico’s at all you know this was a major SCORE! I count 1 ring, 2 watches, 2 brooches, 6 bracelets, 7 pair of earrings, and at least 24 necklaces!  And some are new!

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine sent me the link to a whole new world of treasure hunting. Once I share this link I’m pretty sure you’ll become bidding competition. So, I’ll also pass along my friend’s warning.  “It’s addictive.”  Send pics when you find your own treasure at

Pyrex, Wood Carvings and Tins. Oh, My!

Remember a couple of months ago, when I found the green Pyrex bowl and thought about buying it? For a hot minute. And then decided not to because they wanted $20.00 for it…which, in my book, is not a fabulous find. Well. Today I got one. Check it out.


I’ve been looking for the Pyrex Primary Color Mixing Bowls for a couple of years. I had the yellow one and needed the other three. This morning I snagged the green one for 2.99 and the blue one for 1.99!  SCORE!  Still on the hunt for the red one, but now I have renewed hope. The Santas on the right are Russian nesting dolls! $6.99. The Santa on the left is a tin with a removable hat. Not sure what it was used for originally. It stands about 4” high and 2” in diameter. Hubby thought maybe matches, but it has nothing to strike them on so probably not. But at .99 it’s a treasured addition to the collection. The other Santa is a signed David Frykman wood carving. Paid 2.99. Valued somewhere north of 50.00. And grabbed two brand new Wilton Halloween cookie pans for 2.99 each. Please don’t go thinking that I plan to get crazed with complicated cookie decorating.  The plan is to give a pan to two of my daughters so that they can feel like they have to do all of that with my granddaughters.  G-Ma induced guilt will definitely be in play here.  😊

Quick math says I spent about $22.00 on everything so I’m making my case that walking away from the $20.00 green bowl was a smart move!  If you’ve had any great junking finds the last few weeks, I’d love to hear about it!  Ideas and inspiration!


There’s Always Time For Junking

Have I mentioned that I love junking? Probably a time or two. 😊 I needed to work on Christmas cards and packages today, but I heard the magical call of the Goodwill whispered on the wind and I had to follow it. Or, I procrastinated on the things I needed to do and decided to just have fun. Either way works.

The point is that I found treasures! Check ‘em out!

20171128_154019 (1)

I fell in love with the vintage Santa tray and for .99 it found a new home at my house. The silverplate clip stand will display pictures and be easier to rotate than frames. 😉 The Haeger vase for 3.99 was a great addition to the collection. Value is roughly $25.00. And then there’s the bag of Christmas ornaments. The bag was stuffed full, sold as is and couldn’t be opened prior to purchase. I spotted two blue and white ornaments, a couple of interesting ceramic ones and a Waterford bell and for $3.99 opening the bag and scoping out each ornament will feel like a treasure hunt!

And in all my shopping fun I also got a coupon for 50% off my total purchase at another Goodwill. The coupon is good for this Thursday. If you happen to be in Bradenton, Florida on Thursday I’ll see you there!

The Memory Of Junk

So, it turns out that I enjoy other people’s junking finds almost as much as I do my own! It’s fun to share the search, the excitement of the score and the realization that with a little bit of elbow grease the new treasure will fit in perfectly at home.

In my last post I told you about junking with Sandy and Donna. And about Donna’s table and chairs. What I haven’t told you is that Donna isn’t the procrastinator that I am. I can wait weeks to paint a project, recover a chair or rearrange things to make a home for my prize. Donna, on the other hand, gets it done. Since we shopped last week, she has already sanded, stained, recovered and rearranged. She sent me this pic of the finished table and chairs today.

imagejpeg_0 (2)

Like me, she doesn’t always remember before pics so you’ll need to use your imagination to see the drastic changes in the table and chairs.  😊  It fits into the space perfectly.

And every time I go to Donna’s house I’ll smile when I remember the day she found it and brought it home. That’s what junking is all about. It’s not the stuff. It’s the memories that come with the treasures.

Marathon Junking

The only thing I like more than junking by myself is junking with friends.  More fun, more laughter, more eyes on the prowl and definitely more junk!  It took all day, but we hit two Goodwills, a Salvation Army, a Habitat for Humanity Restore that was actually three stores in one and a fund-raising thrift shop whose name completely eludes me at the moment. We managed to make time for lunch – seriously great burgers at The Hob Nob Drive In in Sarasota and I don’t think there was a lull in the conversation at any point during our shopping extravaganza.


Donna and Sandy checked out the goods at the Restore. Didn’t find anything there but we’re not known for giving up.  Sandy found a few treasures later in the day and Donna scored big with a table and chairs. Not the one she’s trying out here…even better!


My finds of the day are the vintage Hall’s pitcher that I got for .99 and the Thirty-One handbag/tote that I got for 12.99. Perfect colors, the right monogramed initial and like new condition!

And a good time was had by all!  😊

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

I started collecting Santas several years ago. I love the traditional 18” to 24” fabric ones that you can find at any Belk, Dillard’s or TJ Maxx. And finding similar holiday heroes from other countries is always a thrill. Images of Father Christmas, Pere Noel and Kriss Kringle are amazing finds. But the unusual, oddball Santa is what really kicks my collectible Christmas spirit into overdrive.  I’ll arm wrestle another yard sale shopper to the ground trying to win the privilege of taking home a handmade pottery Santa or a carved wooden one.

In the last nine months (you can absolutely read that to mean, since I started junking in Florida) my collection has grown with some phenomenal finds.


A close runner up for the coveted position of favorite new find is the carved wooden Santa in the middle. He’s actually carrying a bag of coal, so from now on I’ll refer to him as “Bad Santa”.  But the winner, my Fav Fab Santa Find of all time is…drum roll please…the Mr. and Mrs. Claus Bristol Ware roly-poly tins.  I’ve seen them listed as tobacco, candy, nut or even brownie canisters. I can handle a little bit of mystery about their past life purpose. This Christmas, those two will still hold the prime front and center spot of the display, surrounded by all my other far more normal Santas.  😊

If you’re a fellow Santa lover, I’d love to see your all-time favorite! Feel free to share a pic.